April 23


Loula Long Combs, An Amazing Horsewoman

By barbaraellinfox

April 23, 2012

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  1. Fabulous. I too got to visit the amazing place several months before she died. The barn caretaker showed me all the carriages, trophies, exquisite tong in groove lumber that was used. He was so proud and it was a magical experience for me as I fell in love with horses and animals when I was 2 and have been riding since then as a owner and trainer. I am at 80 still lucky enough to ride my horses daily. Thank you for this additional information and especially the photo of the barn which I couldn’t find elsewhere. She was truly an wonderful lady.

  2. Thank you for your comment. She was a model for young equestrians. Such a wonderful history. And you are fortunate to have visited when you did.

  3. I enjoyed everything you wrote about Mrs. Combs. I just wanted to add that the electricity was produced by the farm’s own hydro electric dam at the lake. The place was truly amazing and, at the time that it was buil,t it was cutting edge modern. And hi Beverly Birnbaum, Truly one of the most committed horse women I have ever met!

  4. Dear Sallie Houghton Capen
    Thank you for your comment and for the link to the amazing photos. A person could get lost for hours studying them and picturing history, thinking about all of the people whose lives revolved around the work of one man, and how complete the work was. I especially loved the photos of Corinthian Hall and of the clubhouse and grandstand, and the horses racing in front of the bandstand. I remember walking through the lower part of the grandstand and was so disappointed to know it hadn’t been restored. I wonder if there is a map of the layout of the farm? Thanks again. Barbara Ellin Fox

  5. Thank you so much for the link to these pictures. They are well worth an afternoon’s study.

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