July 14


A Cavalry Photograph

By barbaraellinfox

July 14, 2010

Cavalry, Military Horse

A U.S. Horsemanship follower recently sent me this picture of their Grandfather. He was in the Calvary, located in or around Springfield, Massachusetts.

The reader is looking for information regarding the type of horses they used, and what he might be on in this photograph, and information on his record of service.

My own grandfather was not in the Cavalry but he was in the Army.  A friend, who is also a professional genealogist near Washington DC, was able to find his service records and even the widow’s pension application at the National Archives.  The person who sent this picture did not give me the year it was taken but it looks like about the same time period as my grandfather who lived 1870-1921 and served in the Spanish American War.

As far as type of horse and saddle Cavalry near Springfield, Massachusetts might have used, our friends at the Society of the Military Horse http://www.militaryhorse.org have much wisdom on this topic. There is so much to learn perusing the forums at http://www.militaryhorse.org/forum/index.php

Can any readers of U.S. Horsemanship contribute a thought about this good picture?  I especially like the people who are lined up along the fence in the background.  It makes me wonder if the was a special event.

Thanks for sending this in.  I hope we can dig up some answers for you.

Barbara Fox

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