July 8


What Has British Petroleum (BP) Got to Do With America’s Mustangs Part 2

By barbaraellinfox

July 8, 2010

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Normally more time elapses before I make the next post to U.S. Horsemanship but current issues in our government with our horses warrant expediency.  At the top pf this blog I’ve added the 2nd in a two part series of videos “The Mustang Conspiracy”.  This has more findings about big industry’s involvement in the destruction of our free roaming wild horses. Please also go to the ATS web site and read the discussion that’s posted about this issue.   http://www.abovetopsecret.com/mustangconspiracy/part2.html {NOTE: the information on this page is no longer available.)

This link for Trading Markets will take you to another article about the BP involvement with our Mustangs. http://www.tradingmarkets.com/news/stock-alert/ep_new-evidence-links-bp-to-the-controversial-elimination-of-protected-wild-mustangs-from-federally-man-1022595.html (NOTE: 2/12/2 this information is no longer available)

A google search for the Ruby Pipeline will produce lots of information about how it will effect our wild Mustangs as well as other wildlife.

R.T. Fitch, Pres. of Habitat for Horses states “In my opinion, this is clearly another example of the BLM subverting federal law by removing wild horses from public lands to accommodate the wishes of special interest groups.”  http://rtfitch.wordpress.com/2010/05/31/blmel-paso-corp%E2%80%99s-controversial-ruby-pipeline-project-hits-a-snag/

Clearly there is even more at stake here than the Mustangs, whom I believe are very important.  Government has gotten out of hand and catering to special interests is beginning to take a real toll on the American way of life.  The Government sees fit to make farmers in California go without crop water in favor of saving a tiny minnow, yet they will destroy our free and roaming wild horses for a pipeline.  There is no balance or reason to any of this.  And I wonder, who or what will be next after the Mustangs?

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