June 21


Huaso Sets the World Record

By barbaraellinfox

June 21, 2009

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by Barbara llin Fox

Huaso set the record of 8′ 1 1/2 ” in 1949. He held the record for 3 decades. His rider, Chilean Captain Alberto Larraguibel, has the most amazing legs and form over this jump. He allows his horse to achieve a world record by not interfering with him. The base of support, independent seat, and following hand (automatic release) of the military seat made it possible for riders and their horses to achieve amazing acts of horsemanship. Gallant horses, such as Huaso, show us that there is not a need for gimmicks, strong bits, or artificial helps, for him to do everything that his rider asks of him, and more. Huaso is an incredible athlete who exhibits the Thoroughbred courage.

This amazing video of Huaso setting the world record for high jump will put a lump in your throat.

Captain Larraguibel riding is proof that the fundamentals taught through the military seat are effective even in the most extreme situations and that good  form that enables the rider to be independent and balanced is crucial to excellant riding.


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