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2 Responses

  1. akira masui

    Dear Barbara,
    I am surprised with the website of US Horsemanship regarding Forward seat.
    I have just turned at 70 y.o.. I learned a forward seat or Caprilli system at the beginning when I was a student at horseback riding club of Hokkaido uni. in Japan in 1969. My instructor, Dr Oguri learned it from Mr Iwatsubo who was a best follower of Caprilli system or Il sistema in Italian. He was the best student of Imperial Cavalry Major Yasushi Imamura who went to Pinerolo and Tor di Quinto in 1930 to learn Il sistema. He found Uranus in Italy. Uranus and Baron Nishi won the gold medal at Grand Prix des Nations. Major Harry Chamberlin won the silver at Los Angeles Olympic in 1932 then. He also went to the Italian cavalry school after Saumur in France. Bill Stein Kraus and Kathy Kusner showed the most beautiful forward seat in the US then.

    With beat regard

    Akira Masui

  2. admin

    Dear Akira Masul, Thank you so much for your comments. It’s so interesting to know how far the Caprilli system spread. It sounds as though you were fortunate to have excellent instructors. Barbara Fox

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