Crest Release- Where Did It Come From?

How did the crest release become the standard way of using the hands during jumping in the United States? Did we always use the crest release? Where did it come from? In 1938 when Capt. Littauer first told riders to “…support(ing) yourself with your hands laid on the horse’s neck.”, he was addressing riders who were beginning to jump.  He […] Continue Reading

Are Hands Part Of The Base Of Support In Jumping?

A Recap In my last blog I showed you how the Base of Support has evolved from Fort Riley to the current Hunter Seat trend. This blog will explain why “Base of Support” as defined by the legendary teacher, George Morris, is only a part of the truth on the flat and over fences. To refresh our memory, the 1935 […] Continue Reading

Did Caprilli Bring Us The Crest Release?

Where did the crest release come from? Did the early horsemanship legends advocate the use of the crest release? Does the crest release have a place in good horseback riding today?