Crest Release- Where Did It Come From?

How did the crest release become the standard way of using the hands during jumping in the United States? Did we always use the crest release? Where did it come from? In 1938 when Capt. Littauer first told riders to “…support(ing) yourself with your hands laid on the horse’s neck.”, he was addressing riders who were beginning to jump.  He […] Continue Reading

Sit on Your Tailbone? – Not if You Ride The Balanced Seat

The April 2009 Practical Horseman Magazine had an article “Dressage for Jumpers” based on the recent George Morris Horsemastership Session in which Robert Dover instructed. Instructions had been given to riders to sit on their tailbones. And Robert Dover states, “You’ve got to be comfortable on your rear ends. I don’t know why you think it’s more comfortable on your […] Continue Reading