Col. Chamberlin on Jumping – Guest Post by Roger Hannington

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Whilst not seeking to diminish or detract from the writings of Col Chamberlin in any way and being an enthusiastic supporter of all that he has written  his description of riding a horse when jumping is detailed and expansive to … Read More

Was it the Chicken?

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by Barbara Ellin Fox I’m frequently asked about the differences between seats and systems of riding.  One question is sort of like the “chicken or the egg’.  Is Balanced Seat the result of a dressage seat with forward seat added … Read More

Crest Release- Where Did It Come From?

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How did the crest release become the standard way of using the hands during jumping in the United States? Did we always use the crest release? Where did it come from? In 1938 when Capt. Littauer first told riders to … Read More

Are Hands Part Of The Base Of Support In Jumping?

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A Recap In my last blog I showed you how the Base of Support has evolved from Fort Riley to the current Hunter Seat trend. This blog will explain why “Base of Support” as defined by the legendary teacher, George … Read More

Authors of the Crest Release, Littauer, Self, Wright, Morris

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In my  post, “Backwards and Forwards” I told you about the earliest publication that I found which indicated the beginning of what would become the crest release. That was V.S. Littauer’s “More About Forward Riding” published in 1938. On Page … Read More

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